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TAFCOP Consumer Portal Tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in : Tafcop.dgtelecom.gov.in  is a portal to Check the Number of Mobile Connections that are Working in Your Name Online TAF COP Consumer Portal. The  TAFCOP Portal is launched by the government of INDIA to help the consumers to easily check how many mobile numbers are working on their name and take necessary action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any.

TAFCOP Consumer Portal

Organization Government of Karnataka Revenue Department
Service Name Nadakacheri Certificate Verification & Application Status
Applicable State Karnataka
Website https://ift.tt/kZUXjpN

This TAFCOP Portal has been launched to help Consumers, check the number of mobile connections working in their name, and take essential action for regularising their additional mobile connections if any. However, the primary responsibility of managing the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) lies with the service providers. The facilities provided in this TAF COP Portal are as under, Consumers having more than nine multiple connections in their name will be intimated by SMS.

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How to Check Mobile Connections at TAFCOP Portal?

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to check the number of mobile connections working in your name online
  • Verify OTP
  • Check the number of mobile connections working in your name

TAFCOP Instructions on Verification of New Mobile Subscribers

TAFCOP Verification of New Mobile Subscribers Instructions,

1. As per the directions contained in the judgment and order dated 27.04.2012 rendered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in WP(C) No. 285/2010, a joint expert committee was constituted in the DoT (TAF-COP). After taking into consideration the recommendations made by the Committee, the instructions have been finalized and the same are being issued through this letter.

2. This has reference to the CMTS/UAS License condition which inter alia provides that “The LICENSEE shall ensure adequate verification of each and every customer before enrolling him as a subscriber; instructions issued by the licensor in this regard from time to time shall be scrupulously followed.”

3. It has been decided that instructions in respect of verification of subscribers mentioned herein shall be strictly followed by the Service Providers. These instructions shall be in supersession of the following instructions issued on the subject and shall be effective three months from the date of issue unless otherwise mentioned in the letter

4. Activation of new mobile connection: A passport size photograph of the subscriber should be pasted on the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and the documents as proof of identity (Pol) and proof of address (POA) of the subscriber shall be attached with the CAF, as per the instructions applicable from time to time.

5. The person at the point of Sale (POS) shall get the CAF duly filled and signed (CAF, Photo & documents attached) by the subscriber with a date. In the case of an illiterate person, the CAF may be filled by a person at the point of sale but the thumb impression of the subscriber may be taken on CAF, Photo & documents attached. A unique number should be assigned to every CAF on receipt of the same in the warehouse and in the case before activation of SIM.

6. The subscriber shall be provided with a counterfoil/receipt of the details of the Pol & PoA clearly mentioning the name of subscriber, Mobile number applied for, CAF Number, type of Pol/Poa, issuing authority, date of issue and a serial number of Pol/PoA document duly signed with a stamp of Pos.

7. The authorized person at the PoS shall record in the CAF that he has seen the subscriber and matched the photograph attached to the CAF with the subscriber and verified his copies of documents of proof of address and proof of identity attached with the CAF with the original and shall put his signature on the CAF & all attached documents (along with full name & stamp containing address). For this purpose, sufficient space should be provided in the CAF.

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